Warm, soft Pretzels with melted Cheese

Fifteen by Beverly Cleary is a book that I cannot recommend. Though you may enjoy it if you are 87 and fond of the old-fashioned days of your youth. It is quaint. It is dated. It is not so swell. While I am glad that it do not take much time to read, and also that I didn’t buy a hard copy to take up space on my bookshelf, I am displeased that i chose to write my ethnicity paper about it. How much culture is present in a white suburban, middle-class, 1950’s town? Chinese food in the city. That is it. And guess what? I wrote about Chinese food in the city. Hopefully it will be better received than my reader response paper. You know the one…because I posted it. I like it. Whether it passes professional approval, I think I have a valid argument.

Also, I read the Lincoln Scrapbook by Candace Fleming.  It was fantastic. I highly recommend it. It has such interesting vignettes and photos. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was present in October when she received her Horn Book award. Here is a video!

Oh, the title of this post. That is what I want to eat. Now.



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