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So. One conference down and one to go.

I am finally officially registered for the IRSCL 2011 in Brisbane. I wish I could travel there, but no such luck. I shall have to present virtually. AND I still have to write the paper for it. The title is: Picturing the Bedroom: Exploring the Security of the Bedroom using Shaun Tan’s “The Red Tree” and “The Viewer”

So it should be a fun paper to write. But I am not going to worry about it until after my Cathie paper. I have until July anyway.

In other conference news, I submitted my paper that was presented at the ICFA in Orlando for inclusion in an anthology called “Of Bread and Blood”–an anthology of the Hunger Games. So, I would like to show you the word cloud for that so you can get the gist. (Keep your fingers crossed, though. This could really help my doctoral chances to get something published!)

Wordle: Podkayne, Power and Panem

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Clocking in with a 3.8, thank you very much!

Here is the final word cloud of my crit career. I had great feedback, though apparently I use too many gerunds. Too bad, though, I love gerunds.

Wordle: The Giver Final Paper

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Post Cloudy Colonists

Wordle: Postcolonial Paper

So this PHP/script/forms/tables assignment is slowly killing my spirit. I have been working on it for hours, and my formatting still needs love, and you can submit the form, but nothing happens! You get a blank screen instead of the confirmation responses. SUPER ANNOYING and I can’t figure out WHY. Go ahead and try it. http://web.simmons.edu/~lareau/LIS488_table_assignment_Lareau.html

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Cloudy Historicisms

Wordle: Doubting History Makes history

This is the word cloud for my finished paper!

Neat, huh?

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